Visual Studio 2013 And EF Issues

Dec 5, 2013 at 10:35 PM
 I would like to use the latest version of the VFP Entity Framework Provider with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.  I found an article in the Discussions which included a ZIP file with registry modifications to enable usage in Visual Studio 2012.  I tweaked those and while I am now able to SEE the VFP Provider in the "Connection Properties", I am returned either of two errors:
  1. "An Entity Framework database provider compatible with the latest version of EF could not be found for your connection. To use the latest version of the EF, exit this wizard, install a compatible provider, and rebuild your project before performing this action.
  2. If I do install EF 6.0.X prior to adding an Entity Model, I receive the following error,
Your project references the latest version of EF; however an EF database provider compatible with this version could not be found for your data connection. Exit this wizard, install a compatible provider, and rebuild your project.

Can anyone please help. How can I get the VFP EF Provider to work in VS2013? Do I have to add a specific EF version, modify my config. file, etc..
Dec 6, 2013 at 1:48 AM
To the best of my knowledge, at point, you cannot get the VFP EF Provider to work with VS2013 EF Designer. Although, I must admit I haven’t spent much time trying to get the latest build, which targets EF5, to work in VS2013. Your registry hacking was a good idea but EF6 has some breaking changes and isn’t backwards compatible with EF5.

I've been working on a new VFP EF Provider build that works with EF6 and VS2013 and I expected to make this build available by the end of the weekend.
Dec 6, 2013 at 2:02 AM


Thank you so very much for your prompt response. I guess I ran into one of those breaking changes in EF6/VS2013

I do so appreciate all your hard work and effort. I would be forever grateful to have at least a BETA version of some sort for EF6/2013 when possible. I’ve got a huge stake in a project and my time to convert a FoxPro to SQL Server database is running out.

Thus far, using EF is the quickest and best way in my case.

Can you please update me as soon as the new release is out. I will implement it right away. Thanks again for your help.

Best Regards,


Dec 9, 2013 at 2:20 AM
I posted a new EF4/EF5 VFP EF Provider that works with VS2013.

I'm still working on a EF6 VFP EF Provider build. Being unable to get the designer to work in a predictable manner is preventing me from posting an EF6 build. I hope to have this issue resolved soon.